The Salon

Local nail salon during the day, dance club at night...captured the last manicure before the switch...

The Producer

Symbolyc One (S1) is the main producer of the group Strange Fruit Project. His style and production range includes R&B, Soul, Underground and Urban/Crossover Pop . As a platinum-selling producer, S1 has worked with artists such as Beyoncé, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Babyface, Erykah Badu, Stat Quo, Rhymefest, Rah Digga, Ghostface Killah and Little Brother, as well as being a core member in Erykah Badu’s electronic band, The Cannabinoids.

The Beauty

Captured this moment on the patio of local bar/club... Since i was wasn't using my flash, i waited for about 20 minutes for her to face the fluorescent light that was directly across from her...

The Tenor

Miguel Urueña - The Tenor I was asked by a friend of mine to photograph her grandfather while he was still alive... i had know idea that he was a somewhat famous tenor in the 50's... i wish i could have spent more time with him, but unfortunately he passed away almost a week after this photograph was taken. i'll research a little more and post what i can find and update this caption.


Fellow photographer, Orlando Diaz, asked me to do some press shots for his new position with the W Hotels...

Vintage Girl

This was taken during a charity drive for the Wounded Warriors project...and all of the girls were dressed up like vintage pinup girls from the 40's and 50's.

Malik's Studio

Malik Abdul-Ramen ih his studio, making beats and drum tracks... he wanted me to check out his music... i couldn't help but take photos instead

Jerod's Break

Jerod Alexander Davies, a member of the Just Us League, Blunt Force Crew...and many other groups in Dallas... takes a break during the commission of mural on an abandoned taco stand.